Lana Del Rey is ready to return to the glossy, retro cinematic sound she claimed as her signature on 2012's Born to Die.

After releasing her sweeping new single, "LOVE," on February 18, the singer-songwriter chatted with the BBC about the sound of the track, as well as her forthcoming album.

"I guess the last two records…I definitely was in a place where I wanted to hear mood music," Del Rey explained of her hazier, darker, more rock-oriented sound on Ultraviolence and Honeymoon. "Almost stuff that I would kind of like to listen to at home. You know, stuff I recorded live in a room with a band like all at once..."

Now, however, the pop star is ready for a "cleaner," less grainy sound—just don't expect her to ditch her vintage style altogether.

"Now that I’m a couple of years down the line away from the Ultraviolence record, I think I had more I wanted to say and I wanted it to come through a little bit more clearly, so it was fun to get back into that really big, like clean sound," she continued. "['LOVE'] is a good representation of where [the album] headed, where the sound is headed."

As for the new single, the performer addressed the rush to push the song out amid Saturday's "LOVE" leak.

"I really love the message and I love the sound of the record, it has such a mix of everything I really love sonically. It came out a little bit earlier than I thought though," she said, laughing. "It just started leaking the other day so we just got ahead of it and put it out! With social media it goes everywhere before you can even [say anything about it]."

Listen to the interview, below:

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