Lana Del Rey's forthcoming studio album, Lust For Life, has possibly-maybe leaked. The American Morrissey is now fully aware — and she is pissed at you all.

The "Love" singer-songwriter is as renowned for her leaks as she is for her weakness for bad boys and beaches, with (literally) hundreds of her demos floating around the Internet over the years. Her official singles and albums, too, all seem to arrive on the web ahead of schedule — and it seems her latest campaign is faring no different.

Only this time, rather than staying silent on the matter, the Queen of Coney Island expressed her frustration by sassing random fans on Twitter early Wednesday morning (Jul. 19).

"U little f--kers," she snapped, rather incredibly, at one fan preparing to dive into the illegal download.

As other fans scrambled to defend her, another user alleged to have a link to the album: "K what is it," she demanded, before being told that the link was deleted.

"Better be," she sassed back.

And, to cap off her random flurry of tweets, she pinned a GIF of herself with an "Um almost time" to the top of her page. Which she knows how to do, okay?

Consider this the "it's coming you little bitch" moment of the Lust For Life era.

“I’m so known for having everything leak...I like things to be a surprise, and I love a schedule. I don’t like that kind. That is so annoying," she told Zane Lowe just days ago upon the premiere of "Groupie Love" and "Summer Bummer."

Oh, well. At least it was just two days early, right?

Maybe next era. But then again, probably not when you've got a bunch of little f--kers for fans.

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