Lady Gaga has been silent on Twitter since April 27. Since she is so thumbs on with her little monsters, it's been surprising for her to be quiet.

Well, she returned to the digital space last night (May 29) and with a bang, sharing a photo of herself with two fashion icons.

That's milliner (aka a hatmaker) Philip Treacy to the left and '80s actress / model Grace Jones on the right, in the top photo.

You can figure out who's who on the bottom one, obvs, as Grace and Gaga plant smooches on the designer's cheeks.

Gaga has not occupied much digital space while recovering from surgery, save for a attending an event here and there.

She is not as visible online, while Rihanna continues to toplessly tweet and Instagram with reckless abandon. It feels like Mommy Monster is losing her digital footing, and not because her heels aren't high enough. She needs to make a comeback and quick. We miss her.