Lady Gaga makes no bones about the fact that she loves the fame, and that's evident in her first 'ARTPOP' single 'Applause.'

Madre Monster treats fame like an artform in and of itself, understanding and nurturing the cult of celebrity, so it's no surprise that she is releasing a single called 'Applause.' She dropped a snippet of the song's lyrics via a photo teaser on her Little Monsters social media site.

She asks to receive the thing she loves, which is applause. Clap, clap, clap.

'Applause' arrives on Aug. 19.

There's so much 'ARTPOP' 'stuff' going on right now! A snippet here. A photo there. App information here. Some details on the sound of the song (and the extent of her hip injury, which was a break, not a tear) there. Stay informed about 'ARTPOP' people!

Ma Monster posted a second set of lyrics, which are as follows:

"I stand here waiting / For you to bang the gong / To crash the critic saying: / Is it right or is it wrong?"

She also shared another photo with details about the 'ARTPOP' app pre-order, including a Godiva-like photo, with a river of brown hair tumbling from her scalp and henna tattoos on her hand. We love when she goes au naturel.

Oh, and did you see her get nakey nakes?