Are wedding bells in store for Lady Gaga soon?

Yesterday, the pop singer was spotted in Toronto, Canada, shopping at a couture wedding store in the Yorkville area of the city. She was accompanied by her mom, her dog Asia and dozens of curious fans outside.

We're not insinuating anything, but why would you shop for a wedding dress if you weren't engaged?

Then again, it is Lady Gaga that we're talking about -- and given her history of eye-catching fashion, we wouldn't be surprised if she is simply looking for ideas for a new outfit.

Back in November 2013, Gaga told Howard Stern in an interview that she didn't see herself getting married anytime soon. If she did get married, however, her dream wedding would be at David’s Bridal, with the groom and groomsmen on one side and her and the bridesmaids on the other, "getting hammered, picking the worst dresses and going to the courthouse."

Gaga has been dating actor Taylor Kinney on and off for two years.

Click through the photos below in the gallery and judge for yourself whether Gaga is looking to tie the knot.