Lady Gaga's performance of 'Applause' was extremely visual when she appeared on Japan's Music Station. Gaga resurrected her famous hair bow, which was plunked atop her head and was a pretty pink hue. Her look was epic, dramatic and utterly Gaga in scope and style, thanks to the fact that she also donned a second pair of eyebrows.

Because, you know, one pair of eye framers is just never enough!

Surrounded by male dancers, Gaga danced her face off. But we couldn't take our eyes off of her, since her makeup was extreme, with that second pair of eyebrows positioned above her natural brows. The extra brows were incorporated into an elaborate black, white and blue makeup motif.

We also loved the fly-like wings of her dress.

It was another visual spectacle and quality perf of 'Applause' from Mommy Monster.

During her interview, Gaga addressed her outrageous look, saying, "I am always excited when I see my fans re-interpret my looks from my videos and performances into their own culture and into Japanese culture so I wanted to do it for them this time and do a Gaga-Japanese fusion for my outfit."

She also said that the set of Music Station inspired her cray cray makeup look. We love when Gaga lets local culture inspire her.

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