Lady Gaga finally sat down with the BBC for an interview about 'ARTPOP,' but the chat was really about everything but that. She got really hung up on talking about her artist collaborator pals, like Marina Abramovic, Jeff Koons and more. Zzzzz.

Ma Monster did make the BBC wait, as the interview kept getting canceled. They even did a fake interview with a mannequin, and they pretty much spent the first 10 minutes of the 30-minute segment recapping the lead up to 'ARTPOP' being released.

Gaga was tired during the chat since she did not get any sleep. She had been working with Robert Wilson on recreating masterpieces where she replaces central figures in works of art, like a painting of the head of John the Baptist. These paintings will be shown at the Louvre next year. Now that's a "wow" moment.

Ma Monster revealed she was happy to rejuvenate her body, but that she felt dead by being offstage during her hip recovery period. She learned to look at life as art all the time, since she was away from making art.

This interview was the polar opposite of her fun, candid and REAL interview with Howard Stern. Her chat with the BBC felt a bit pretentious -- on her end, not the BBC's -- when she stopped to practice Marina Abramovic's breathing methods. Since Gaga spent more time talking about the artists that she is collaborating with on installations than she did about 'ARTPOP,' you can't help but think that she squandered an opp. Even the host seems to be a bit baffled by the track that Gaga took.

She did gush about her little monsters, saying that they give and receive love and she can't survive without them. She likened pop music to a money shot in porn -- although she used a more R-rated term. But when she kept on blathering about Koons and Abramovic, it got boring... quickly.