Yikes! Maybe this is why Lady Gaga has been so quiet lately.

The 'Monster' singer is reportedly trying every to keep court documents about how she was discovered from ever seeing the light of day. What could she be hiding?

TMZ reports that Gaga is in the middle of a lawsuit between her former BFF and collaborator, Wendy Starland, and her ex boyfriend and former producer Rob Fusari.

In 2010, Starland filed a lawsuit against Fusari for not giving her any cuts of the profits he made off of Mother Monster. In the suit (via MTV News), Starland claimed she agreed to help Fusari find a "unique female singer, under the age of 25, who could be the female equivalent of the lead singer of the band the Strokes." According to the suit, Fusari told Starland that if she "could find and introduce him to such a singer, they would work together to develop the singer and share equally in any revenues earned as a result."

Starland claims she never saw a penny of those riches.

Now, Gaga -- born Stefani Germanotta -- is stuck in the middle (following her own suit against Fusari being dropped in 2010). She doesn't want the court docs from Starland's suit against Fusari becoming public because they contain info that is "sensitive, private, and personal." Gaga also claims that whatever's in that paperwork would "inflict significant personal and professional harm upon" her. Further, the 'ARTPOP' star points out that she and Fusari are legally bound to keep the information private as part of a non-disparagement agreement they share.

For her part, Gaga claims that Vincent Herbert discovered her -- not Fusari. Only time will tell what gets unveiled!