Lady Gaga is known for being upfront with her fans, especially when it comes to her personal struggles. Mother Monster is as vulnerable as ever in a new photo she shared to her Instagram.

The image shows Gaga standing topless, her head slightly tilted back and her eyes closed. While she's seen holding multiple wigs, the singer is naked except for a small pair of black underwear. Gaga appears to have closely cropped hair in the photo.

The picture is moving for many reasons. Mother Monster seems calm and at ease with herself, despite how exposed she is. Additionally, she's not hiding behind wigs or photo-editing. It's a startling realistic image, the kind for which Gaga is known to share.

We think she looks absolutely amazing. While we're still deciphering the photo's caption, "Your heart is filled with vanity, mine insanity," one thing is for certain: The singer is owning this look.

Check out the somewhat NSFW photo here.

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