One fashion icon paid the ultimate tribute to another this Halloween.

Kim Kardashian dressed up as Cher at L.A.'s swanky Casamigos Halloween party last Friday (Oct. 27).

Kardashian got all dolled up as the Oscar winner, circa 1973 when Cher and then-hubby Sonny Bono attended the Academy Awards. Be sure not to overlook Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban, who pulled off a pretty fantastic Bono, himself.

The duo was so into the costumes that they even posted a video of themselves lip-syncing to some classic Sonny and Cher tunes.

Cher, who's pretty busy these days prepping a Broadway show about her life, was impressed with Kardashian's flawless homage.

Kardashian wasn't done there, though. On Saturday, she shared another post of herself dressed as Aaliyah, as well as another where she was Madonna and sister Kourtney was Michael Jackson, deep in their 1980s' heyday, proving that no one may love Halloween more than Kim.

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