Just in case the title alone wasn't LOL-worthy enough for you, picture this: Kim Kardashian just tried to take a selfie with an elephant while in Thailand, and the giant creature trumpeted his trunk so loudly that it scared the reality star away.

Kardashian is infamous for her ugly cry face, but after this, she may now be more well-known for her post-trumpeting elephant face, as she is seen looking absolutely terrified as the elephant blows air from its trunk and into her hair. Guess the elephant isn't a big fan of selfies!

The reality star and her family have been in Southeast Asia filming the upcoming season of 'Keeping With the Kardashians.' If you follow any of the Kardashian clan on Instagram, you'll have gotten an eyeful of their countless bikini snaps and model-esque poses -- including Khloe's possible cleavage tattoo. While the pics may be mostly self-serving, reality TV's most (in)famous family have also visited temples and even an orphanage during their trip.

Unfortunately for us, Kim's elephant selfie has yet to emerge on the photo sharing app. (Dear Kim: Get on it! The world needs to see this.) But until then, we can just enjoy photos of the hilarious and startling incident. Click the blue button to check out the ridiculously hysterical pics!