In an age where iPhones and iPads rule the world, kids today may have a pretty difficult time imagining a world where physical CDs -- and even cassette tapes -- were the norm. In a hilarious new video that is now going viral, a handful of kids, aged 13 and younger, were given a Walkman and asked what it was and how to operate it. And the overwhelming majority of them were (adorably) stumped.

Not only did they first have trouble identifying what the device was (cue a montage of sweetly puzzled faces), most couldn't figure out what it did, like 11-year-old Jayka, who poked the Walkman repeatedly with one finger.

When one of the Fine Bros (the creators of the video and subsequent 'Kids React' series) explained what the device was, and handed them a cassette tape to put into it, the kids were once again confused -- and amused.

"I've never seen this," one sweet little girl states, while 9-year-old Krischelle asks: "Is it like in the movies?"

And when trying to actually put the cassette tape into the cassette player, 12-year-old Elle quipped, "I feel like I'm Indiana Jones or something!"

But little 8-year-old Samirah saves the day, not only correctly guessing the device, but by explaining, step by step, how to use it.

There is hope for the future after all.