Counting sheep or warm tea not enough to get you off to dreamland these days? Kelly Clarkson's latest project — a collaboration with Hoda Kotb — will get you right to sleep.

To support Kotb's new children's book I've Loved You Since Forever — which Kotb wrote in honor of her one-year old Haley Joy — Clarkson recorded a sugary-sweet, eponymous supplement to the song which debuted on The Today Show Thursday morning (March 8).

"Before birds flew over rainbows and monkeys swung on trees / There was you, and there was me / Before the sun set in the sky and honey came from bees / There was you, and there was me," Clarkson croons over a recording that ultimately made both women cry.

"There is one person I know who has a voice that is in a class by itself," Kotb, a longtime fan of Clarkson (Kelly's voice has made Kotb cry on Today on multiple occasions) said on the show.

And Clarkson was happy to lend her talents.

"I made it more like a lullaby, like James Taylor, like there's kind of some Patty Griffin in it," Clarkson said. "I hope we do it justice."

And Clarkson is no stranger to the lullaby treatment. In 2016, she released "Magical Lullaby" to supplement her book River Rose and the Magical LullabyClarkson's said she routinely sings lullabies to her children that she makes up on the spot.

"My nanny calls me Mary Poppins when I sing it," Kelly said in a Facebook Live debut of the track.

Each download or stream of "I've Loved You Since Forever" will be donated to, which helps young couples with the cost of adoption.

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