Kelly Clarkson is a noted supporter of marriage equality, so it should be no surprise to her fans that she painted an equal sign on her wrist prior to her performance on 'American Idol,' last night, right? Wrong.

Many of Clarkson's followers on Twitter and Instagram were positively enraged that Kelly would proclaim her support for gay marriage, even though she has a history of doing so in the past. One commenter said (via AOL Music Blog), "Really to support the gays I will NOT support you any more!!! It's a sad day ;(," with another adding, "Gay is WRONG there is no way around is still wrong..."

However, not all of Kelly's fans were so quick to jump down the 'Catch My Breath,' songstress' throat. With one commenter defending the former 'American Idol' champ saying, "Wow, so many haters. I don't know about everyone else but my God loves everyone. You go Kelly! Don't let the haters get to you."

Back in November, Kelly, a self-proclaimed libertarian, says she actually voted for Barack Obama due to his stance on gay marriage, saying, "I can’t support Romney’s policies as I have a lot of gay friends and I don’t think it’s fair they can’t get married."

As we're sure Kelly knows very well already, you can't make everyone happy. Even with the best intentions, as evidenced from this incident, there will always be those negative voices providing backlash to every move a pop star makes. Such is life...


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