Okay, so we all know Kelly Clarkson is a badass—there's no other way to put it. The singer and Voice coach is constantly on the move, most recently hosting the 2019 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

She crushed that particular role, but what most fans don't know is...she was super sick through the whole thing. So sick she required surgery the very next morning, to remove her appendix!

Yes, Clarkson had been suffering from appendicitis all week, but still chose to take the stage to host and perform like a boss at the Las Vegas event (as well as look gorgeous in a formal, sequined gown, which isn't the most conducive outfit for feeling under the weather) before flying home to Los Angeles for major surgery.

We are wincing just thinking about it, but she didn't let on one hair that she was feeling anything but fabulous.

At any rate Clarkson "nailed" the surgery, is feeling a lot better now, and is at home resting sans her appendix, but apparently expects to be back on her feet by Monday, for The Voice's live show. As she herself hash-tagged, #TheShowMustGoOn.

Let's hope Clarkson decides to take a real rest after all of this, at least for a short time. The mom of two is not known for cutting down her schedule—she currently has two singers in The Voice's top 13, and is also promoting the animated musical UglyDolls in which she has a starring voiceover role along with fellow coach Blake Shelton.

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