Kehlani is pregnant!

The 23-year-old singer revealed the big news on both Twitter and Instagram on Friday night (Oct. 12), sharing pictures of her baby bump. In her initial tweet, she wrote: "SHE DON'T WANNA HIDE NO MO! This was so hard to contain. I’m so so so happy. The highest blessing one could receive. I love you already, mama. 4 months & so grateful." She went on to write a series of tweets about how ecstatic she is to be expecting a daughter.

Kehlani also shared a lengthier Instagram post detailing how much she's looking forward to becoming a mother and why she's decided to go public with the reveal now.

Many had theories of who the father is, with some even speculating that it's her ex Kyrie Irving, but the baby's uncle, comedian Jaboukie Young White, revealed on Twitter that the father is his brother, Javie Young White, who Kehlani had hinted at being her partner throughout the year.

During Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio podcast episode last night, Kehlani also revealed that she had planned her pregnancy with Young White. "We had a short time frame of having to actually have sex every day and we're just excited that we didn't start feeling like it was a chore," shared the singer.

Listen to Kehlani discuss her pregnancy with Nicki Minaj, below:

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