Katy Perry is not just a champion. She is the undisputed queen of the jungle. She will drop the 'ROAR' video on Sept. 5, and she shared the cutest retro-style poster to help promote the premiere. It features the singer in all her leopard-print and leaf loincloth glory. #RAWR!

The drawing is a very '50s-inspired, Bettie Page-influenced rendering. It fits Perry's persona and image. It was only a matter of time for she further mined the pinup look.

She is sexy and she's sort of Tarzan and Jane, ruling the jungle roost. No, we're not suggesting that KP is any sort of hermaphrodite, but she does seem to be the one in charge, exerting domain over the animal kingdom in masculine and feminine ways. Again, #RAWR!

You know, the same can be said about Pery and her dominance in the pop music kingdom, as 'ROAR' is selling off the chain.

The video teaser for 'ROAR' is here and you can enjoy the collectible-style snap below.