Katy Perry continues to turn up on the cover of every magazine known to (wo)man. Her latest cover is the December 2013 issue of the Australian edition of Marie Claire.

The singer's baby blues and her beautiful boobies are the two things you notice first and most on this smoldering cover. She shows a little belly skin, thanks to her halter top and high-waisted pencil skirt, a chic monochromatic combo. Her hair also matches her outfit and the overall presentation is sleek and stunning.

But her girls are popping out all over the place, but not in a vulgar way. It's just a tease of skin.

We have to say. We're loving this version of Perry -- you know, the one that ditched the candy-coated image and colorful wigs and Hershey's Kiss dresses in favor of a more classic, pinup girl look.

It was a smart stylistic choice at this point in her lava-hot career.

PopCrushers and KatyCats, are you loving KP's look on her latest mag cover? Sound off in the comments below.