Kanye West is probably still mad at Jimmy Kimmel, but he's not showing it anymore ... at least not on the Internet.

Some backstory: West lashed out at Kimmel after the comedian recreated Yeezy's now-infamous BBC interview with a child reciting all of West's chatter. It was an amusing, ultimately harmless joke, but now that West has lawyers breathing down his neck about his paparazzi scuffles, the self-proclaimed "No. 1 rock star" probably wasn't in the best mood, and launched one of his epic rants about the comic.

Kimmel responded by mocking West on his show yet again, this time reciting and making fun of the tweets themselves.

The angry MC has since deleted all traces of his 140-character rant about the late night comedian, perhaps in hopes to avoid giving Kimmel any more ammo to poke fun at him. However, Kimmel's feed still contains the back-and-forth banter with West, who called Kimmel a "manipulative media motherf---er."

Whether that's true or not, West allowed himself to be manipulated. Don't give them any satisfaction, 'Ye!