To further advance his plans for world domination, Justin Timberlake appeared on the British talk show 'The Jonathan Ross Show.' And when talk turned to 901, JT's new brand of tequila (yeah, he has one of those now, named after the area code in his hometown of Memphis), Ross opened the bottle and they downed two shots.

Then he challenged the singer to three rounds of mini-golf. And the drinking didn't stop there.

Let's just say that Justin can certainly handle his liquor, but five shots in a 10-minute period is enough for any one person, even one who's besties with Jay-Z and owns his own tequileria.

No, we didn't match JT shot-for-shot and make up words -- tequilerias are real things. In Mexico.

Check out the whole video to see Justin's attempts at imitating Michael Caine, trying not to blink, making ridiculous toasts and completely failing at mini-golf.