Justin Bieber is parsing out clips for his upcoming 'Believe' movie, out Christmas Day, each and every Friday as part of his #FilmFridays promotion. Today's (Oct. 25) clip finds the Biebs as a passive participant, the recipient of advice from a host of people: mom, dad, mentor, manager and even his little siblings, Jaxon and Jazmyn.

Mama Bear Biebs, aka Pattie Mallette, is proud of her baby boy becoming an amazing young man, while his musical mentor Usher tells him to keep believing and not to "f--- it up." That's coming from a guy who knows how it's done.

The Biebs is also told to stay humble, to learn that there are people who will say "no" and that he needs to be the best person he can be, as opposed to serving as the voice of a generation.

His dad Jeremy and his younger siblings show up at the end and they say "Hiiii Juuuustin," and we melted like butter when we saw that.

The previous 'stache clip is here and the 'Smile' clip is here.

Da Biebs also shared the title of the new #MusicMondays track -- the fourth of 10 -- coming at midnight on Oct. 28. It's called 'Recovery.' The title and cover art are below. What a way to bookend every weekend -- with Bieber clips and tunes. There is a pop music God.