"Bon Appetit"? "Green Light"? These will soon prove to be the sounds of summer — but which new June 2017 pop album are you most excited to hear?

To mark the year's halfway point, some of music's biggest stars are unveiling hugely anticipated LPs. Katy Perry will see if Witnessher fourth album, will elicit a following while Lorde, who hasn't released a full work since 2013, will see if a more grown-up sounding Melodrama lands. Coldplay, Halsey and TLC will also drop fresh projects.

All the while, new acts like Dua Lipa and Allie X will see if their  long-form debuts can make splashes.

Take a look at all that pop plans to offer in June 2017 below, and tell us whose work you're most excited to hear!

The Best Pop Albums of 2016:

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