The third installment in The Princess Diaries film series may have to do without Queen Clarisse Renaldi, the iconic matriarch who transformed Mia Thermopolis into a princess in the first movie.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Julie Andrews explained why it probably won't "be possible" for her to return as Queen Clarisse Renaldi.

"I think we know that it’s probably not going to be possible. It was talked about very shortly after [The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement] came out, but it’s now how many years since then? And I am that much older and Annie [Hathaway, who played Mia] the princess, or queen, is so much older. And I am not sure where it would float or run," Andrews said, per The Hollywood Reporter.

"In terms of us doing it, I doubt that now," she added.

According to reports from November, a script is currently being written for a third Princess Diaries movie. The potential film will likely be a continuation of the original story and not a reboot.

While Andrews called the idea of returning to the franchise a "lovely thought" back in June, she also expressed her doubts about a sequel then as well.

"I think it would be too late to do it now. There was talk of a sequel many, many years ago. But I don’t think it ever came to pass. And Garry [Marshall, the director of the first two films, who passed away in 2016] then did leave us. Especially me, it’s too far down the line now to go back to it," she told THR at the time.

In 2019, Andrews addressed rumors of a sequel during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. "The truth is I haven’t heard. There’s been talk about it for quite a while," she said.

Meanwhile, in October 2022 Anne Hathaway gave fans hope when she discussed the possibility of a new sequel, as well as her desire to work with Andrews again.

"I would more than entertain it, I'm pulling for it. If there's any way to get Julie Andrews involved, I think we would make it work. We would go to where she was and put a green screen behind her and just make it happen," Hathaway told Entertainment Tonight.

Plus, in her own appearance on Watch What Happens Live in 2019, Hathaway said: "I want to do it, Julie wants to do it, Debra Martin Chase, our producer, wants to do it. We all really want it to happen, it’s just we don’t want to do it unless it’s perfect, because we love it just as much as you guys love it."

THR reports Debra Martin Chase will produce the third movie if it moves forward.

However, Hathaway reportedly does not yet have a deal to appear in a third Princess Diaries installment.

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