Joy Villa's MAGA dress briefly stole the show on the 2019 Grammy Awards red carpet this evening. But who exactly is the woman whose politically-charged ensemble became the center of attention Sunday night (February 10)?

Villa, a singer-songwriter hailing from Oakland, California, turned heads at tonight's music celebration when she arrived in a metallic, barbed wire gown with a pro-Trump message scrawled on its backside which read "Build the Wall," nodding to the president's divisive mission to erect a border between the United States and Mexico to curb illegal immigration.

The 32-year-old flaunted her Desi Lee Allinger-Nelson design proudly and was pictured all smiles as she accentuated her outfit with a spiky headpiece along with a red handbag donning Trump's infamous "Make America Again" slogan.

Check out more photos of Joy Villa's Grammys dress, below.

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