If you're looking for work, do yourself a favor and keep your inner lunatic hidden.

YouTuber Gus Johnson has made this amusing video of ways to blow a job interview. It's an over-the-top look at some of the absurd things you can do to hijack any chance you'll have of hearing those magic words: "You're hired."

From not wearing pants to crying to rapping your resume to complaining about the toilet paper in the office, let this video serve as a reminder that while you want to make an impression, make sure you don't make one that will have your prospective boss mulling over calling the cops so he can have an escort to his car when he leaves work for the night out of fear you may jump out of the bushes.

While this clip highlights some of the more outlandish things you can do to ruin a job interview, there are all sorts of more subtle ways to harm your chances when you sit down with a hiring manager. From sweating profusely and stammering too much while talking to committing a robbery and bad-mouthing your last employer, there are just some actions you should avoid.

What do you think? What are some of the most important things you shouldn't do in order to help your chances on a job interview?

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