The audience wasn't the only thing Jill Scott had in the palm of her hand at a recent concert. The soulful singer-songwriter started trending on Twitter globally late Monday night (November 12) and continued trending throughout Tuesday thanks to a viral clip from her live show.

The post in question? A fan video of the R&B vet very-convincingly simulating oral sex on her microphone during the show. The clip is only 48 seconds long, but it definitely feels a lot longer than that when you first watch it.

Scott has become increasingly active on social media in the past year, but this is easily her most viral moment – And it wasn't even something she posted. In fact, if you ask her and her fans, it's not even that shocking for a Jill Scott show.

That didn't stop Twitter from collectively losing it, with reactions ranging from people finding it hilarious to some thinking it was a bit over the line. Upon realizing why she was trending, Scott herself, along with her friend and The Roots drummer Questlove, were a bit baffled by the reactions to the footage.

Check out some of our fave Twitter reactions to Jill's other skills on the mic:

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