The TV trailer for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,' out Nov. 22, is a bit subdued when it comes to action and adventure, and it has to be, since it is airing on the small screen, where more (read: younger) eyeballs are able to stumble across it.

But make no mistake. It's Lawrence's film, it's her trailer and she owns it.

Sure, some of the visuals are grand and arresting, especially images of J. Law as Katniss Everdeen, wearing a flaming dress. But for the space of 60 seconds, the clip examines characters and relationships.

The scenes often capture Lawrence's brooding eyes and her character's relationships with her family and with those around her take center stage. You can't cram a lifetime (or a two-hour film) into a minute-long TV spot, but the producers and marketing folks sure did try with this one.

And yes, that's Liam Hemsworth in the beginning. He plays Gale so yes, he does have other roles and aspirations in life besides that of Miley Cyrus' ex-fiance. With the film expected to rake in mega bucks at the box office, Hemsworth's star is on the ascent and could veritably eclipse that of his former future wife.