Jason Derulo fans will have plenty to be excited about in 2017, as the 27-year-old singer and dancer plans to release a new album in the coming year.

In an interview with Billboard, the "Want to Want Me" singer confirms that a "brand-new album on the horizon."

"I've been recording at my house this time," he explains. "And it's just been a much more comfortable experience. And I'm excited to share with you all my ups, my downs, my highs and my lows. Also got to work with a lot of amazing artists. 2017 is ours, Derulo Family."

"I'm looking forward to a fresh start [in 2017]," he continues. "So much negativity in the world in 2016. We can start fresh putting love first. We can't let our nation be run by racism, greed and abhorrence."

The singer also tells the site that he plans on spending more time with family and friends in 2017. "Life is short, so I want to experience as much as I can before my day and share those moments with the people I love."

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