Today is a huge day for 'Voice' alum Jacquie Lee -- her long-awaited EP, 'Broken Ones' has officially dropped!

We recently caught up with the 17-year-old powerhouse, and she excitedly dished to us all about her EP, what she wants listeners to take away from it, her coolest moment with a fan -- and how she manages to be both a regular student (she just took the SATs!) and a hardworking pop star on the rise. Check out our interview below!

If you had to describe your EP in three words, what would they be?

I would say it's raw, emotional and real.

Which song off of the EP is most personal to you?

I would say that would be 'Drowning' because I wrote a lot of that song. That and 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' because I got to re-do it and flip it in a cool, new way.

Speaking of 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun,' you put such a unique spin on it. What made you decide to go in that direction? 

I knew that the EP was going to have one cover song. I always wanted to take a song that everyone knew and totally change their perspective on it. So, I figured what a better song to do it with than an '80s throwback pop song? And then I fooled around with it and I realized the lyrics could be pretty depressing [laughs], so that's what I came up with.

Listen to Jacquie Lee's Cover of 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun'

Can you tell me a little bit about your songwriting process?

It's pretty random! Whatever part of the day I feel inspired, I always keep a notepad or a journal around. I usually get the best writing material at night, because everyone always thinks at night [laughs]. Usually, I'll start with thinking about what I really want to say and just going with the music because a lot of times -- I'm guilty of this -- you sit down, and you're like, 'I have to write a hit, I have to write a hit song.' But it's not even about that -- and I forgot that for a little bit … Music is my therapy, so whatever I have on my chest -- music is my way of releasing it.

Do you have a favorite lyric that you've written?

I would say it would be "Who could save me from myself / When I see you there's no one else." … It's meaningful to me because 99.9% of the time, I'm my own worst enemy, so I always try to find someone who will save me from myself, so that is where that line came from.

Last time we talked to you, you mentioned that you were interesting in working with Ed Sheeran. Any update on that?

[Laughs] Not yet, not yet -- but you never know! He is part of Atlantic Records [her record label], so you never know.

That would be an awesome collaboration. We'd love to see that.

I have to agree!

What has been your coolest moment with a fan?

OK, this actually happened really recently. I was at a diner, and a guy and his daughter came up to me -- I was with my friends -- and he said that a benefit concert that I did for Union Beach helped him and his daughter find a new place to stay, and it really changed his life. It was just really cool knowing that what I did made a lot of difference.

You recently tweeted about the SATs. How do you juggle being both a student and an artist?

I'll let you know [laughs]! Time management is really important. So I've sort of figured out how to balance everything once you get into a certain routine. … It's really hard getting in a routine when the music business is really random and there's never a schedule. But, luckily for me, "Hurry up and wait" comes in handy because when I'm waiting I'm doing schoolwork. That, I guess, is how I juggle it all, every time.

You're 17, but you come across as so much more mature in your sound. Do you ever feel like you're at war with yourself as a 17-year-old while also being an artist in the music industry?

Yes. All the time. I have my friends, but I also have my music people who I'm around every day who are so much older than me, so I'm always surrounded by adults. It's easy to forget you're just a kid. But I always picture myself as more mature, so it's a weird world that I'm living in right now.

Watch Jacquie Lee's 'Broken Ones' Video

Can fans expect a full-length album in the future? 

Yes. You can expect a full-length album in the future, some time next year.

Have you started working on any material for that yet?

Yeah, I've been writing like crazy. … I can tell you that so far, the music that I've been thinking of for my album, nothing is set in stone, but it's just me sitting at the piano, not trying to write a hit, and just spitting out what I feel. Hopefully ... people can connect with that more.

What do you want fans to take away from the EP?

I hope my fans can find something in my EP that speaks to them. Because I always turn to music when I have a million things to say, but I can't seem to get a word out. Usually I just turn on music and it speaks for me. So I want ... to do the same thing for my listeners. I want them to have a big cry or have a good laugh. I want the music to do something for them.

Is there another artist's song that you wish you had written?

Yes. There are a bunch of songs that I always kick myself for not writing. Just 'Happy' by Pharrell -- come on! It's such a happy song! 'Breathe Me' by Sia. That song did a lot for me. I love listening to Lana del Rey. 'Give Me Love' by Ed Sheeran, and then a bunch of Beatles songs -- the lyrics are just so honest and simple. 'Someone Like You' by Adele. The list can go on [laughs]!

Download Jacquie Lee's 'Broken Ones' EP here!

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