In the United States, Jackie Chan is known as one of the greatest action stars in film history. But Jackie Chan is a true Renaissance man, with many skills he has rarely had the opportunity to display to American audiences. For example: Did you know he is a classically trained opera singer? Though he’s rarely gotten to sing on the big screen, Chan did show off his vocal chops in the Mandarin-language version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. And not only did he provide the Beast’s spoken dialogue, he also sang the film’s songs. In the video above, you’ll see him in the music video for the Chinese version of the original “Beauty and the Beast” theme song.

The video, which also features Sarah Chen, is basically a shot-for-shot remake of the immortal “Beauty and the Beast” music video featuring Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. For your reference:

Jackie Chan gives terrific Peabo.

Also, is there anything more romantic than two people standing eight inches apart, and belting out a song in front of sheet music? No. No there is not.

Seriously, though: I didn’t know this existed, had never seen it before, and absolutely love it. Jackie Chan’s voice is really quite beautiful. I guess you could say there is a rumble in the Bronx... of my soul. Or you could say Jackie is the drunken master ... of my heart. Or you could say the real Armour of God ... was love. Did you accidentally spy my tears? Because they are flowing from my eyes after watching that moving performance.

Okay I’ll stop. The new Beauty and the Beast opens in theaters on March 17.

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