One of the biggest cheat codes in life is having multiple streams of income. Rappers know that for a fact, and throughout the course of their careers, have found innovative ways to beef up their bank accounts outside of making music.

Now that cannabis is mostly being decriminalized in the U.S., artists are adopting their own strains to trap the legal way. Wiz Khalifa is one of those people, to no surprise. He's been moving weight with his Khalifa Kush line. Similarly, Wiz's homeboy Curren$y, another well-known marijuana marvel, has been pushing his Andretti OG strain to the masses. When Spitta wasn't testing out his own product, he also took some time to show love to his competitors by trying and starring in a campaign for Jay-Z's weed line Monogram in 2020. Support goes across the board in this regard.

Things get even more interesting than that, especially when it comes to talent who has seemingly taken a step back from hip-hop. If people open up a dictionary and thumb to the word "hustler," they'll see a picture of Master P, who has multiple businesses under his belt which range from No Limit Clothing to Rap Noodles, a spin of the corner store favorite Rap Snacks, which P helped found. The mogul was also in talks to buy Reebok not too long ago, further proving his healthy addiction to acquiring more dollar signs.

Rick Ross is another multihyphenate outside of hip-hop. Belaire, Villon, Wingstop, Rick Ross Car Show, an author and the list goes on. Also, who knew that Juvenile makes furniture? His archive of goods include cool lamps, tables and liquor dispensers available now for those who are looking to dress up their cribs by way of Juvie's taste.

There are plenty of other rappers out there who have multiple streams of income, with the exclusion of releasing music or running a record label. Drake, 50 Cent, Cardi B and Eminem are some of the rhymers getting to the bag in many different ways. Check out the hustlers below, along with the products that they're moving units with.

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