Buzz Question - Guys, after 2 years of marriage, MY MAN DOESN"T ALLOW ME TO DO HIS LAUNDRY. Not gonna lie, this kind of hurt my feelings. He didn't say anything to me, just started doing it. I didn't mind doing it, and honestly just do both of ours. But, lately he's doing his OWN clothes' only. I asked him about it and he said..'Just trying to help with the chores.' My friend said it's because he didn't like the way you did it.

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Yes. Let him. My husband of 30 years does his laundry and towels. I think it’s cathartic for them.

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All of a sudden change it up?? Hmmm don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious!! if he wants to help then he’d do your laundry as well. To me just doing his and not yours is selfish. Helping is taking it off your hands so you don’t have to do it.

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Married for 18 years, my husband has always done his own laundry

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My case I’m a grown ass man I can wash my own clothes.

It’s a possibility that he is trying to help and just does his because he’s afraid he’s going to mess yours up and be in the dog house

Well in the beginning of my marriage I used to wash everybody’s clothes hence my kiddos and hubby’s, fast forward to 10 yrs later we all wash our own clothes simply because they don’t wanna burden me with laundry along with having to work we all share … See More

He washing off all the glitter and perfume y'all thots be wearing and he don't want you to know!

Depends on the context. I’ve done the same in the past; maybe the shirts were shrinking, items weren’t being washed the correct way, etc. I’ve seen adults just shove things into a washer until max capacity. Dress shirts, jeans & towels in a single load… See More

Don't worry.

While my wife has no problem with washing my laundry, I do wash my own laundry because my laundry is dirty oily and greasy, so I don’t burden her with that nastiness, no biggie

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He wants to keep his change he leaves in his pockets

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Be thankful that you don't have to maybe he didn't want you to see his skidmarks

Women complain cuz men don’t help and then complain cuz they do. ‍♂️

Stop over sensationalizing every fine detail. Be glad he does his own.

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