Most people probably already know that they shouldn't consume most household chemicals that are readily available within a Texas garage, but at the sometimes you may be surprised to know a chemical the United States Environmental Protection Agency is moving to ban is already used in one of the most popular food products on the planet.

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That's right, the EPA is going after a known carcinogen that is used to decaffeinate coffee and not stopping with just our food, they want it completely out of the house and garage.

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Honestly, it's probably a pretty good idea because the chemical that has drawn the most recent crosshairs of the EPA is present in most paint removers and strippers, it is also common in many metal cleaning and degreasing products.

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EPA Warning: Remove Toxic Chemical Now From Your Texas Home

When you really stack up the statistics to the known damaging effects of methylene chloride to the human body after prolonged exposure, you start to wonder how on earth it ever got approved for decaffeinating coffee. Apparently, the product leaves the coffee with the caffeine, and the trace elements that remain are deemed to be in the allowable levels.

It is known to contribute to 6 different forms of cancer, and other catastrophic failures of the body's nervous system and functionality.

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As you can see in the above link, this is not the first time that a product has been banned by the EPA or Federal Drug Administration for product use, and yet it still remains allowed in food products.

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