Grocery stores and grocery suppliers across Texas are pulling a massive amount of bottles of apple juice from the shelves due to toxic arsenic exposure. When I say my family alone goes through literally gallons of apple juice each week in Texas, I am referring to the neighborhood of at least 3 huge three quarters of a gallon containers at a time, and that is almost exclusively just the 2 year old at work.

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We love our apple juice, and we also love being able to enjoy several varieties and brands that we are fortunate to have access to in the Lone Star State. At this point, we should probably have a subscription, but brand loyalty is something we struggle with.

Recently, as you can see in this previous article, even applesauce had to recently be recalled due to a toxic level of lead found within the cinnamon used to flavor the food. You may not know this, but low levels of lots of toxins occur naturally in apples like cyanide in their seeds.

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Warning: Remove Texas Sold Juice Now Due To Arsenic

The exact apple juice you are looking to remove from your home and return is found in the one liter bottle, and it has a best buy date of March 9 or March 10, 2026. You can read more details in this release about the voluntary recall.

The exact bottle you are looking for looks like this:


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