You have probably heard me joke before about how I am not a steak and potatoes Texas guy, but rather a bread and potatoes man because who does not love carbs and plenty of starch? Honestly, there is not a greater scent in the world than an early morning venture into a bakery as the freshly finished loaves are being pulled, and the oven is still hot with the next batch of balled up goodness.

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Growing up, my mother being an incredible baker always had a constant supply of fresh bread, rolls, and goodies because there can never be enough food when you are trying to feed 4 teenage boys. My wife is also a great baker, and so I guess what they say about marrying someone that resembles your mother or father is what commonly happens.

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Sadly, for my three kids, their only perspective thus far of what a bakery is would be our favorite local donut shop. I really need to do better as a parent, but that probably applies across the board, not just when it comes to taking the children to a bakery.

3 Texas Bakeries Are Now Best In America

In total, Food and Wine named three Texas bakeries to their list of best in America, but my favorite of the three is Sour Duck Market in Austin. Just about everything they bake comes from Barton Springs Mill from grains harvested all across the Lone Star State.

Besides having a fantastic variety of baked goods, they also have one of the best beer gardens anywhere, and a very ample and convenient happy hour of 3 to 6 every evening.

Also making the list from Austin was ThoroughBread, and the Bakery Lorraine location in San Antonio, but they also have locations in Austin and Boerne.

If you are like my kids and only visualize donuts when you think of a bakery, check out Texas's best that includes the number 1 donut shop in the USA.

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