Another massive nationwide retailer that has a huge footprint in Texas could be the next to start shuttering stores as they have already declared that a Chapter 11 bankruptcy could be announced very soon.

Many of the stores that have been recently closing and going belly up across the Lone Star State have been established chains and franchises for well over 40, 50, even 60 years, and not even Texas headquartered companies have been able to dodge the tough economic conditions currently ravaging all types of retailers, not just restaurants.

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We have become such a convenience based society that simultaneously has withdrawn from personal connections and communications because of social media, that the general thought of having to go shopping anywhere in person is nearing taboo status.

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About 1 in 5 in store shoppers actually buy something, and with the internet allowing non stop recon, and side by side quick comparisons on prices, retail locations are really hurting because of high inventory, and low sales.

116 Texas Stores Now At Risk For Massive Closure

The numbers just do not look good for Big Lots, and it appears that sales projections are not comforting either. Texas has more locations than any other state, and all 116 could be closing soon.

The only way Big Lots looks to have a realistic chance at saving their existence is to cheaply and quickly rebrand in such a meaningful way that people can't resist making a big number of trips to their locations, or they will be in big trouble.

Big problems for Big Lots could be resulting in big time closures.

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