There are nearly countless documentaries, murder mystery shows, and tons of nature programs telling stories from far away places that still manage to play a very active role in creating irrational fears for people living in Texas. It almost happened to me once with the Inland Taipan, which I was completely convinced would one day crawl into bed with me and kill me in my sleep, until I reminded myself the snake is from Australia and I have never been there, so why would one of their snakes not like me?

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What is a Texas Toe Biter?

It is a type of Giant Water Bug that is known to feed on just about anything it wants, and can be found all over the Lone Star State. Before you say, "Wait, we have no water in Texas, so what is there to fear," know that they're also found on land too.

Why should I be afraid of a Texas Toe Biter?

They will bite you, and their bite is poisonous. The good news is the poison doesn't intensify and there is just about zero chance you will need to seek medical attention.

So, a Texas Toe Biter isn't that dangerous?

Relatively speaking they are not likely to cause you any major concern, but that is the reason you should always be aware of a potential foe. If you were to come across one of these without proper information, you could potentially put yourself in an unnecessary panic by overreacting to their presence.

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