With the holidays fast approaching in Texas, some of us may be dreading the family visiting.

Obviously, we all love our families. Having them around during the holidays is a treat like any other. But as with everything, the nerves do get tested a lot don't they?

Sometimes, the kids have boundless amounts of energy that doesn't go away, or the parents get into arguments about a trivial thing. Plus, someone might not like a gift they got...there is a boundless amount of problems that could happen.

So some of us may look to find relief from the situation with an adult beverage perhaps. When we need one, we'll usually run to a package store. But...as it's closer to the holiday, your chance to get one are slimmer than usual.

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Bah Humbug, IS Buying Alcohol On Christmas Day Possible?

Well, to find out, we turn to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Yes, there are certainly rules for selling spirits in the Lone Star State, especially on holidays. So, you may be wondering when the package store closes.

Well, according to the TABC, stores such as those are open Monday thru Saturday from 10 AM to 9 PM, and closed on Sundays. But, with holidays, there is a slight change. Christmas is one of the holidays that the store is closed.

So now that we know that, we take a look at this year's holiday schedule. So the store will close at 9 PM on the 23rd, and be closed on the 24th, which is a Sunday, and the holiday itself, a Monday.

They will reopen on the 26th at 10 AM. So doing the math, Lone Star liquor stores will be closed...61 hours over the holiday?!? Well, time is running out Texans! Better get those adult beverages sooner rather than later!

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