The eclipse event is quickly approaching from residents in Texas.

With so many residents in the state set to take in the event, the excitement is high to say the least. But, what some Texans might not realize is that more people than just Texans are ready for the big event on April 8th. Indeed, people from all around the nation will be looking to travel to the Lone Star State for the perfect view.

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We've seen in Texas that one county, in preparation for the day, has already declared a state of emergency for upcoming event due to many factors. So to say the least, Texas is set to get a little bit larger in terms of population thanks to the prime viewing for the eclipse. So, some in the state might be worried about things.

Thankfully, We've Got A List For You To Prepare For The Event

So for those in Texas stressed about the eclipse, there's a simple way to ease your mind: planning ahead! So with that in mind, we've got ten things residents of Texas need to do before April 8th.

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As the eclipse event grows closer and closer, some Texans may be a bit worried. Here's 10 things they can do to ease their stress.

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