It is just about impossible to find something more refreshing to enjoy during the long hot summer days than a Texas sized watermelon that has just been freshly sliced. There are several variables when it comes to selecting the perfect watermelon, and even more options when it comes to the proper presentation and preparation.

Aside from following the "four S" strategy, there is one additional and very important rule to selecting a watermelon. This is the 4 S rule:

  1. Shape - Keep it round.
  2. Size - Go big!
  3. Spot - Find one with a large, creamy spot where the melon rested on the ground.
  4. Sound - Make sure when you knock on it, there is a deep, almost hollow sound.
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So, what is a foaming watermelon, and why do we need to destroy it?

When a watermelon is foaming, it is because the ingredients have begun to break down, and the sugars are fermenting because bacteria has gotten inside. The bacteria is the biggest reason you should destroy the watermelon because you don't want to have that in your house, and as the gasses build, there is a very real possibility the watermelon could explode.

A watermelon can only ripen on the vine, so you want to find one as fresh as possible with no blemishes, soft spots, or foam.

In the end it might just be best to avoid watermelons entirely, especially when donuts are an option to enjoy. Do you know anyone who actually loves watermelon more than donuts?

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