There's something about steaks in Texas isn't there? But what exactly are we talking about? Could it simply just be the taste of them?

Well that's a given isn't it? I mean after all, one of the universities in the state has a longhorn as it's mascot, so we better know our beef when we see it. Where do they know the beef pretty well? Amarillo, Texas.

The Big Texan Steak Ranch has been mentioned before by us, mainly because we've seen some pretty excellent completions of their challenge. Heck, someone completed it in record time recently too!

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However, We've Seen A New Record Set Recently

You've probably noticed that every time we talk about this place in Amarillo, it's because someone has set a new record, or done something that can only be an individual with an iron stomach. We'll be talking about the latter.

How many 72 Oz steaks do you think you could eat? Maybe one over several hours? Some people might not even touch it sadly.

But how about two 72 Oz steaks back to back? Yes, that happened recently:

Our jaws have dropped mainly just at how long it took him to complete the challenge. It only took one hour and 12 minutes? If our math is correct, he matched the size of the steak with the time it took!

Here's the thing though, as you can see from the caption, the record is someone eating three of those big steaks? How can someone even do that without having to take a break or something?

But The Individual, Momotion Has Bigger Plans

According to the Big Texan, it looks like he isn't done with the challenge just yet. He's going to try and break the record of three by eating four? We can only wish him luck on that one!

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