When you’re thinking about partying in Central, Texas, the Hangover Bar & Grill in Killeen is usually to go-to spot. Not to say that there are amazing establishments in Central, Texas, but I have always said that Tonya Williams, who is the owner-operator of Hangover is definitely the mayor of Central Texas nightlife.

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Courtesy of Tonya Williams
Courtesy of Tonya Williams

Tonya is an entrepreneur that has made it really easy for Central Texas to go out after a long day of work, and truly enjoy the city and the company of others in the community. What I love about Tonya Williams is she is an individual who understands that working hard and treating people like family in this particular field, will always allow you to have a very successful establishment. Tonya Williams's popularity has grown so much at the Hangover Bar & Grill that even the main attraction in Central Texas, which is Austin Texas the Sixth Street area is not really a go-to destination anymore. But just when you thought that Tonya couldn't offer more to Central, Texas, this Boss Lady has opened up another Hangover Bar &Grill in Waco Texas just north of Killeen.


I spoke with residents of Waco, Texas, and even residents of Killeen and they’ve described Hangover Bar & Grill in Waco Texas to be the go-to spot for your weekend activities. Hangover Bar & Grill is located at 800 S. 7th St. and is the place to be to catch great food and an amazing atmosphere. Thank you Tonya Williams for continuously giving Central Texas a place to find a perfect vibe.


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