Here's some good news to warm up to this season. The Municipal Court in Killeen, Texas is offering warrant forgiveness throughout December. The bonus is the video Judge Kris Krishna put out announcing this early Christmas gift. Lol! Stay with me here.

'Tis The Season To Forgive Warrants

So, beginning December 1, the Killeen-Fort Hood Municipal Court is offering warrant forgiveness until the end of this year. Residents with outstanding warrants can head down to the courthouse without being arrested, and they will waive all of your warrant fees. Yes, you read that right the warrant fees will disappear.

According to the City of Killeen, this is a part of the Safe Harbor Program that is allowing residents to resolve outstanding cases. If you participate in the program (which I don't see why you wouldn't), community service is just one alternative to paying based on your eligibility and ability to pay.

This List, Though!

An active warrant list was put out by the City of Killeen back in June of 2022. If you think you are on the naughty list, you might wanna scroll down and search your name. If you aren't on the list, I'm going to need you to search for people you know and share with them about this program. Each and every one of you on this list should go down there and get your fees waived. Get this from hanging over your head.

Child, This Video Is Hilarious

You Have 31 Days

If you don’t take advantage of this forgiveness movement, you may have to be careful moving forward. As Judge Krishna said (and had me rollin') in the video, a warrant  "round up" will be going down. Dec 31 will be the last day to be forgiven. Officials will be coordinating with law-enforcement officers sweeping the streets to target and arrest violators who still have active warrants.

Mom-Mode Activated

I'm going mom-mode on you all now. There are over 200 pages and over 4,000 names on this list. Over $2 million in unpaid fines to the city are also reflected on this list. The list will be updated every Monday. Make your way to the courthouse and (clapping) get that forgiveness, ok?

This Is No Laughing Matter. Kinda

Check the list, and check it twice. Some of the offenses on this list are out of control though, you guys.

There are warrants for petty theft, no seat, and speeding among a long list of other things to be expected. A couple that got me though: unlawful use of water? Huh? What are you doing with the water? Tampering with water distribution system? Failure to sterilize animal per adoption contract? Seriously, Killeen? I need you to be the first ones down there on the 1st of December.

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Here's The Active Warrant List

Don't forget -  it will get updated every Monday. For more information, visit Killeen Texas Municipal Court online.

There is no reason why you shouldn't get your tail down to the courthouse neeeeow. Well Dec. 1 lol. Judge Krishna, please come see us in the studio, and please make more videos.

K-Lew out!

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