Imagine a complete stranger gaining sensitive personal information on your child or children from their iPhone without you even knowing simply because of a new feature within the latest IOS update? This is a very real scenario playing out that authorities all over Texas want you to be aware of happening.

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Apple has a regular cycle of releasing new devices and hardware, and then following that up with a newer version of its IOS software. The general reason for the updates is to keep up with always developing security threats, but partially to improve user experience.

Sometimes iPhone users should really take notice of dangerous update features.

The reason police are worried is because of how easily someone can request info simply by placing their iPhone near another. With the new name drop feature, when two iPhones come together, they will connect and offer the option to receive info or both share and receive.

You do have to authorize the connection, but since we all know we can't be there to protect our children at all times, law enforcement departments are encouraging you to turn off the feature, so a child doesn't accidentally share anything they shouldn't.

How do you disable the new name drop feature on iPhone?

We often have been told it is better to be safe than sorry, and in situations like those involving our kids, choosing safety seems like a no brainer. Read more about the take of Texas police in this KXXV article.

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