On April 8 the state of Texas will have visitors galore to witness the entire disk of the sun be blocked out into darkness early in the afternoons. The eclipse is coming and I’ve made it very clear in this article here what you need to prepare yourself for and the things you need to prepare yourself with.

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According to Newsweek a Texas judge says Texans shouldn’t necessarily be worried about what they need for their selves, but more what you may need for your pets. Kirk County judge Rob Kelly issued a disaster declaration on 4 March and said that the increase of visitors could drain, not only our food and fuel supplies could strain our city and county in fraction to quite possibly over capacity. The judge also mentioned to pet owners that purchasing supplies for their animals must be done at least a week before the chaos of visitors coming to the state.



There is no exaggeration when I say at least 1 million people are coming to the great state of Texas, and we see how individuals act when small national disasters happen. We had three snow days and Texans bought up all the paper towels, toilet paper, and bottled water, so what do you think is next when 1 million people are here?


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