Since the weather has been hot in Texas, the animals in the great state have been making more of an appearance. Everyone knows that hot weather brings everybody back outside, including our furry friends here in Texas.

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Even though some of the animals in Texas, are just out here to enjoy a little sun and vitamin D on their face, there are some animals as of right now that humans and animals who are pets need to avoid. According to Dallas morning news, earlier last week on a Tuesday, a fox was reported as an animal tested to have rabies. Rabies is a disease that no one should take lightly. It’s a viral disease, most common, and often transmitted through a bite that comes from a rabid animal. How rabies is introduced to animals is, that once the animal has been bitten, the virus affects the central nervous system of the animal, which ultimately causes diseases in the brain and leads to death.


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Usually, when you hear about rabies cases, the disease occurs in wild animals like foxes, skunks, and raccoons. The rabies disease was detected in Grapevine, Texas, and according to the police, there were no reports of human and animal exposures to the fox. If anyone does feel as though they have been exposed to rabies we’re asked to contact Grapevine Animal Services at 500 Shady Brook Dr., 817-410-3370, and to seek veterinarian care if your animal has been bitten. Even though infections in humans are very rare, it doesn’t mean not to stay alert, especially now, We asked all Texans to please take any rabies exposure situation very seriously.

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