The gas prices in Texas are just absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion. Now I know the gas is probably not seven or eight dollars like it is in California, but being from Texas and the gas being as high as four or five dollars, is abnormal for us and it’s also a pain in the butt if I’m being honest. A lot of Texans have found themselves looking for a different option when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.

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You have some Texans that have gone from very large and family-size cars to something small as a smart car to save on gas and money. You also have Texans who have completely given up on the idea of having a gas motor vehicle and have decided to go green and electric. According to Texas Tribune, starting September 1, Texas will start charging electric vehicle drivers an additional $200 each year. This law was actually passed by Senate Bill 505 earlier this year.



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Electric drivers have to pay the fee when they register a vehicle or renew their registration. There will be a payment of two years for registering or $400 upfront. When I spoke with individuals who own electric vehicles like Teslas, they actually found that spending this amount of money really isn’t as bad as driving a car with gasoline. A resident of Texas stated who wanted to remain anonymous that he loves his Tesla and if that meant only paying the $400 upfront each year, then, so be it. Keep in mind Texas, if you’re wanting to get an electric car you come out of pocket for $400.

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