At this point, Old School is one of those classic rite-of-passage college comedies seen by almost every teenager of a certain age who loves raunchy humor. The film followed a bunch of immature adults who try to recapture their youth by starting their own fraternity. Old School’s cast included Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, and Will Ferrell in one of his early breakout film roles after years on Saturday Night Live. He played Frank (The Tank), whose recent marriage is tested by his love of the new fraternity (and occasionally going streaking around campus).

Old School was a solid hit in theaters and then became a big money maker on DVD, but it never got a sequel (although one was proposed and developed for a while). But attendees at the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity’s tailgate party at the Trojans’ football game against the University of Arizona, got to experience a scene that could have appeared in it, because there, of all people, was Will Ferrell doing a DJ set to the assembled throng of college kids.

His performance was documented on TikTok...

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Ferrell, who is a USC alumnus with a degree in sports information, wasn’t just trying to reclaim his youth like Frank the Tank; his son Magnus is currently enrolled at USC, and it was Trojan Family Weekend at the school. (Granted, most families did not visit their children and then DJ frat parties.)

Ferrell’s most recent comedy Strays, where he plays the voice of an adorable dog named Reggie, was just added to Peacock. He’ll next be seen in a supporting role in the Hulu film Quiz Lady, which is currently set to premiere on the streaming service on November 3.

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