New A24 movies will have an exclusive home in the future: Max, HBO, and Cinemax.

(That’s technically three places, and it’s kind of weird to be “exclusive” to three places, but they’re all owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, so okay.)

In a press release, the companies announced that many of A24’s current and upcoming productions will have a “pay-1” home on the aforementioned streaming and premium cable outlets. (Pay-1 is the term for the period after a film’s initial run in theaters when it is made available to view on streaming / pay cable outlets. It’s typically a few months to a year after a film premieres on the big screen.)

The titles specifically cited in this press release include Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla, the new Nicolas Cage comedy Dream Scenario, and the upcoming drama about real-life wrestling family the Von Erichs, The Iron Claw — along with Dicks: The MusicalThe Zone of Interest, the restored version of the Talking Heads’ concert film Stop Making Sense, Love Lies Bleeding, and Alex Garland’s upcoming sci-fi movie Civil War.


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Additional titles from A24’s library that will be appearing on Max and HBO include Uncut GemsPast Lives, The Whale, and the most recent Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Once upon a time, it was much easier and cheaper for streaming services to acquire these sorts of film libraries. Now, nearly every film studio — like, y’know, Warner Bros. Discovery — has their own streaming service that they need to keep people subscribed to, which means they generally keep all of their own productions exclusive to their streaming service. There aren’t too many large-scale moviemakers left out there who don’t have their own streaming service — and A24 is one of the most notable among them.

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