A whole TV channel dedicated to ’90s favorites from Nickelodeon? Why, back in my day, we just called that Nickelodeon!

Granted, my day was approximately 14,000 years ago. But if you’re like me and you can remember watching Nickelodeon in the 1990s, this may be of interest you: Pluto TV, the ad-supported free streaming service has just launched a channel dubbed “90s Kids” and it is dedicated to showing a rotating selections of nostalgic Nickelodeon favorites. The initial lineup includes Rugrats, Kenan & KelDougRocko’s Modern Life, and of course Hey Arnold!


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According to the press release, to start with Rugrats airs on Mondays, Hey Arnold! is on Tuesdays, Doug is Wednesdays, Kenan & Kel is on Thursdays, Rocko’s Modern Life is Fridays, and then there’s more Rugrats and Hey Arnold! on the weekends. But where is Legends of the Hidden Temple?!?

Pluto is also promoting the fact that the channel will also have special themed marathons, including a 24/7 Hey Arnold! block, and a “Rugrats takeover in early December.

Pluto TV’s 90s Kid Channel is already available at the company’s websites and apps. I really cannot stress enough how much Legends of the Hidden Temple should be on this channel. And also Get the Picture. And also Nickelodeon Guts. Oh, and Wild & Crazy Kids, that needs to be on there too. What Would You Do? where are those? Pluto TV, what you would do if I demanded What Would You Do? be added to this channel’s lineup? Like I said, I watched a lot of Nickelodeon as a child. Arguably too much!

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